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Having directed, produced and acted provides Gil Brenton a unique understanding of the film world from both a business and filmmakers perspective. His combination of creativity and business skills will prove extremely valuable to any production team.

Gil began his acting career in TV commercials and ultimately landed a regular series role on NBC’s soap opera “Santa Barbara.”  Acting roles in television and independent films were extensive training grounds to be a director. Gil says, “I was never a guy who wanted to sit in his trailer and play star, I spent as much time as possible on the set to watch the full creative process.”

Gil has since grown into an award-winning director, writer and producer for TV and film. He marked his directorial debut by winning the Grand Jury Prize Best Director award (2000) at the New York International Film and Video Festival for the feature film "Just For the Time Being."

He also received recognition for producing and creating the NBC movie-of-the-week called “Abduction of Innocence,” which finished in the top twenty in the Nielson ratings twice in the same year. He draws his experience from being mentored by some of the best “A” list directors and producers in Hollywood during his years spent at Walt Disney studios working in different departments.

In the year 2006 Gil partnered with his friend and mentor Mitch Ackerman. Gil says, “Mitch has a wealth of resources that any talented person with a long resume would have leaped at the opportunity to partner with him. Now our sites are set high on providing entertaining intellectual properties that will brand the “A” Players Entertainment name."



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